more than the ordinary sparepart catalogs:


ECAT10 is an e-catalog program suitable for the use of all mechanical manufacturers, where you can access the vehicle or machine parts catalog, filter the catalogs, create help requests and organize order lists.

You can log in to ECAT10, which is a web-based project, from all your devices with internet access. You can view the program images in the ECAT10 Guide, which provides detailed information on how to use it.

Visit the website to review all functions and get more detailed information.

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the door where your spare part opens to the world.

created for your services:

service manual

Designed according to the needs of service and dealers, the Workshop Book offers its users all the details of a handbook. The program, which includes all the user manuals and work flows to be presented by the partner company, contains all the details that the service support personnel may need.

Please contact us for detailed information about the workshop book.

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designed according to needs of manufacturers.

B2B version of the spare part:

sparepart b2b

Planned as a platform where dealers, manufacturers and companies in the entire spare parts supply chain can trade parts, Parm Kimde aims to bring a new breath to B2B projects with its functions shaped in line with the demands.

Parcamkimde.com, which is targeted to be published in 2024, is among the projects that spare part manufacturers and dealers are eagerly waiting for.

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web programming

In our service that we offer to our customers who want to create their corporate face or personal web page on the Internet, we design and implement your web page according to the information you provide. We process the images and other data that will be used according to the wishes of our customers and make them ready for use on their own platform.