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Using www.hakbim.com or www.hakbim.com.tr means that you have read and accepted the privacy terms and rules. A number of special additional terms and conditions may apply to the use of or interaction with certain places on the website.

  • General: Your use of this Website and the services contained in it (“Services”), www.hakbim.com / www.hakbim.com.tr It means you have read and accepted the Website Privacy Terms (“Privacy Terms”) and rules. If you believe that you cannot fulfill the obligations stipulated in the Privacy Conditions, you may not use this Website or its Services. do not use. Certain additional terms and conditions may apply to the use of certain parts of the Website.

  • Following/Amendment of Privacy Conditions: Hakbim, at any time without notice It has the right to make changes in its terms or to introduce additional conditions. Information collected during use its characteristics, how it is used, when this information is shared with third parties and when necessary. Changes made to be aware of all privacy terms will be presented on this page. Hakbim's; Security Regular follow-up and reading of the Confidentiality Terms, as the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions is reserved. responsibility. Use of this Website and Services after such a change, Privacy It means that the changes in the terms are accepted.

  • Open System: Users; (User is a general term that refers to everyone who enters the Website, including members. used as a definition.) that the internet environment is not a reliable environment, that it is risky, personal information, passwords, etc. All kinds of information, including the unlawful acts of third parties He knows and accepts that he can be the addressee. My right is that the Website is safe or malicious. makes no guarantees regarding the movements.

  • User Information: Placed, transmitted or transmitted by the User to the Website and Services, or to this Website. The User is responsible for any content and information sent through the Services. Users, Website and Violating the reliability, accuracy, and rights of third parties of any information they transmit/send to the Services. declares and guarantees that it is not against the law. Hakbim's website by Users that the content posted/transmitted brings any harm to other Users or third parties. receiving an application/request/complaint or it is determined that the content in question is contrary to the legislation and international law documents. User's right to terminate his/her membership is reserved. However, it has no obligation in this regard.

  • User Name and Password: Hakbim may make the use of some Services and sections dependent on Membership/Registration. Record During the registration process, the User may be given a name and password, or the User may be asked to create a name and password. User directly from the protection of the name and password, incorrect or unlawful use and all possible unauthorized use. The user is responsible. Access to the Services subject to membership conditions can only be done with a password. Special numbers of the password, safer creation using letters and characters, or the changes necessary for this. User is responsible for doing it. The responsibility of all transactions made using the username and password belongs to the User. Loss of user name and password, access to unauthorized third parties, or anything that threatens the security of the User. In case of a situation, the Website/Hakbim is immediately notified.

  • Protection of Information: Hakbim makes maximum efforts to ensure the security of all pages on the Website. To protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of the data stored on the Website, a wide variety of technical and administrative applications are used.

  • Third Party Sites: On the Website, third parties that Hakbim does not operate or control the operation of. There may be found and linked to/links/information to the lower and upper web sites operated by the Company. of Hakbim that the content, security, privacy policies and communication of these websites will be provided continuously. There is no guarantee or special commitment. Liability is subject to the conditions written on third-party sites. Before taking any action, the security and privacy conditions on the mentioned sites should be read. Personal information provided to such sites, content and services utilized from these sites, or Hakbim cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies and practices of the sites.

  • Website Utilities: Some of the Services offered by the User's Website; or It may be necessary to use utilities to benefit from the Website. From These Services/Website If used, data on the form and scope of using the Service may be recorded in the Website database. Likewise, some "cookies" may be used to make it easier for you to benefit from the Services. some information can be sent.

  • Personal Data: In accordance with the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“Law”), the identity can be determined or determined Any information relating to a natural person is personal data (“Personal Data”). User; visiting the Website, Some Personal Data has been transmitted to the Website, disclosed, may have been recorded. Users; of the Personal Data that it has forwarded, disclosed, recorded, in the Terms of Use. Taking into account that it will be open to Hakbim under the conditions specified, they have disclosed this information and submitted to the Website. I accept that any Personal Data they disclose, record or disclose has lost their confidentiality to Hakbim. they are deemed to have done.

  • Private Personal Data: Hakbim, from the User in any way, unless required by law. and certainly; race, ethnic origin, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other belief, dress and dress, data on association, foundation or union membership, health, sexual life, criminal convictions and security measures does not request biometric and genetic data. This information has been given to the Website or through the Website, Hakbim has no responsibility because it has been recorded or disclosed.

  • Violation of Privacy Terms: Hakbim, non-compliance with the Privacy Policy or attempting to violate the rules in case of violation, whether the violation occurs in full or not, rejecting the information available in the system, removing the content suspending Users' access to the Website and Services without prior notice, with the right to remove, delete, reserves the right (though not obligatory) to terminate, cancel the membership. This rule states that the User It also applies to the case of an indirect violation or attempted violation by the Company.

  • Information and Communication: www.hakbim.com / For your questions regarding the privacy conditions of the www.hakbim.com.tr website You can get more information by writing to info@hakbim.com.tr.