professional solution partner since 1998.


Combining technology with industry experience, Hakbim offers professional solutions to the companies and users it cooperates with.

Spare Parts

Hakbim Bilgi Islem, which has been providing spare parts catalog services in the automotive industry since 1998, develops cataloging programs that can be used by all mechanical manufacturers.


Continuing its software activities in Turkey since 1998, Hakbim continues to provide quality software services to its users with the programs it offers, which are safe and tailored to their needs.

always ready to race:


We offer realistic, innovative and updatable software solutions by blending the developing technology with our experience, together with our team that has adopted the discipline as a vision and mission since the day it was founded.

Our domestic and national software products, ECAT10 and Workshop Book, are preferred by our partners with brand value in the automotive industry, and thus Turkish software provides services to users from many parts of the world.

We continue to develop and develop in order to meet the parts catalog needs of all mechanical manufacturers producing in Turkey and to build a stronger Turkey both in industry and technology.

We are here to solve your problems, reach your goals and bring your spare part to the world."

Hakbim Board Members

more than a team.

Hakbim Bilgi Islem is a family business. Dilara Çelen and Eylül Çelen, the daughters of Hakan Çelen, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Projects Manager, are also working as a Software Engineer at Hakbim.

Providing continuity in its works by transferring its experience from generation to generation, Hakbim Bilgi Islem aims to continue providing quality software services in the Automotive / Spare Parts sector as a family company.

providing cataloging services to the leading manufacturers; 100% Turkish established with domestic capital.

yerli & milli yazılım.

Hakbim, which was established with domestic capital, offers cataloging services to mechanical manufacturers as a 100% domestic and national company with its experienced team.

Implementing projects with users all over the world through its references, Hakbim Information Processing continues to represent Turkish software in the Automotive / Spare Parts industry as it has for 20 years.

veri güvenliği.

As Hakbim, our primary principles include the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as the protection of privacy, ensuring and protecting information security, and respect for ethical values.

We offer a service to our partners that we cooperate with, where we ensure the security of program users and our programs with technology and law.

Featured Solutions


Spare parts catalog program prepared for all mechanical manufacturers who want to offer more than an ordinary pdf catalog to your users, open your spare part to the world today.

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Increase your service quality with the Workshop Book prepared for the needs of mechanical manufacturer service and dealers. Discover now and get more than a handbook.

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